Psyence @ Underground 26/09/13

Opening the night was Marc Williams. Lonesome on the stage with a guitar, walking in whilst in middle of The Kooks, Naïve cover. Marc seemed to do more covers than original. Tracks from Oasis and Bastille made it in the set too. Williams went the clever way around performing covers, making them his own. Original tracks such as; Broken Dreams, shows off Marc’s, self-taught song writing skill. Marc goes for everything that may spread his name, even if it’s just an inch more in the music industry. His confidence on stage is well worth a watch.

Each layer that is cleverly poured into the production of South Wall Corner Club’s tracks gathered everyone inside The Underground mesmerized. The mysterious atmosphere SWCC create with catchy choruses and polished vocals in every track shines through with perfection. First single, Don’t Judge the Youth still gets a worthy reception from their much loved crowd. Newer tracks have a good balance between cheery melodies and mellower melodies.

German duo, Klaus Johann Grobe enter the stage, one on drums, one on synth, no guitar, no bass was in the equation.  Speaking only a tiny inch of English, KJG had no problem wowing the crowd and assembling a crowd. Stoke enjoyed every minute; especially the local bands watching. Flaming Lips as an influence sprung to mind. The mystery to the melodies and lyrics and the repetitiveness give a psych dance vibe to the venue. KJG are currently on tour and hopefully they cross the seas and come back.

The day had come, the day which Zebra was released on 7” vinyl. From the first head bang from Steve Pye, Psyence infected the room with everyone nodding in unison to a crazy opening. The quality of the new tracks has a professional song writing take on them. Psyence never lose the gems, Medusa and Beanstalk, forever in the set they said. So the single which everyone was there to witness; Zebra got the best reaction of the night. The simple lyrics and wryly melody is what people love. Chemicals for Breakfast saw Ben added an electronic kick into the set on keyboard. Every gig Psyence blow me away, but this gig has got to be the best yet. The talent, enthusiasm and authentic attitude will see Psyence climbing the musical ladder.


Lucee Clarke