Six Towns Headline @ Sugarmill 11.10.13

The night commences with a standard indie boy band vibe from modern young band – The Castaways. An impressive addition to the Stoke on Trent music scene, The Castaways brought an amazing following, a following which filled the Sugarmill’s ground floor. As a fresh, new band, the mainstream flair clutched varied awareness. Covering an admired Arctic Monkeys track, I Bet That You Look Good on The Dance Floor, fostered a positive profile for these lads in the juvenile crowd. The Castaways have room for improvement, but it’s a solid start for he Castaways, they have potential in the local scene.

The King’s Thieves bring their indie pop to the Sugarmill with a hipster’y atmosphere which in the modern days of today is what people what to be a part of and join the hype. The King’s Thieves through the first track swarmed in more people. Original track, Black and White, had an intense addictive beat, injected with short break downs. The indie pop sound following throughout the set, however during the end, The King’s Thieves became heavier with groovy bass lines and sharp guitar riffs; the whole song was smooth and polished. Escape, the Radicals Rising Hype Chart number 1 was fantastic live, their performance wasn’t in people’s faces but it wasn’t boring, it created that atmosphere that people felt comfortable in. Brilliant band.

A band with such professionalism, Six Towns ended in memorable way. 15 track set list full of re-worked classics, couple of covers and some newer material. Entering one by one suited and booted, with an added bottle of beer in their hands, the set cleverly built into Stop The World. Liam’s attitude is the attitude you want for a rock and roll band, confident but not too cocky. It seemed strange Liam holding a guitar through majority of the set, but he’s learnt well and having an extra guitar gives that extra layer to the solid melodies. Throughout the room you could see the real fans of Six Towns, the people who sung every word, nodded their head to the beat and applauded every track, honestly, Stoke music scene have a lot of standards to beat. Covering The Beatles and Alex Clare shows the variety Six Towns can reach and they show the highest level of how to achieve the purpose of entertaining. A trip down memory lane, Six Towns bring 3 of their previous drummers back for 3 tracks. For the People and the cover Too Close will be and was on the night my favourite. They’ve matured over time and stood by their motto “Rock n Roll isn’t dead, you just haven’t lived it yet”. Perfect, prime example of what great music and musical attitudes comes from Stoke on Trent.



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