First Christmas Gig; Sherry Counsellors @ Sugarmill 14/12/13

It’s the start of the Christmas gigs; 14th December commences a great month of local talent. This line showed of array of genres and talents.

Starting the night was The Carpet Lions. Wearing the exact same Santa suits I brought that very day they entertained the Sugarmill with a high level of comedy. To start the set a choreographed Christmas dub-step dance launched the rawr of laughter. This was The Carpet Lions first Christmas gig so they were pulling out all their talent; even performed an unplanned Christmas song then making it their own. The Carpet Lions definitely have the ability to freestyle and shape it Carpet Lions style.

Second on the line-up was Dirty Money No.5, the band that gathered the biggest crowd. They’ve had a jam packed year of gigging and releasing their single 4 Days, this Christmas gig was their only gig in Stoke this year. It was clear that the Stoke crowd have undoubtedly missed them. The uniqueness, creativity and all round witty melodies makes Dirty Money No.5, one of its very own. The mix of ska, reggae and house music is topped off by one of the best female vocalist I’ve heard in a very long time. Pack Your Bags, the funkiest scratchy ska track seems to be an old favourite. Dirty Money No.5 is without doubt a band to experience live, especially in the New Year when their album is released.

Sat down and cosy South Wall Corner Club launched in to their fine intricacy set. SWCC have this idiosyncratic style that builds up a thick warming atmosphere. Each smooth track has an in depth emotion and hidden meaning. Rise above the Ashes has three magnificent sugar sweet harmonies, the new tracks performs make the EP, to come out in the New Year, seem too hard to wait for.  It’s virtually impossible to make out individual lyrics as it’s beyond a general sense of melancholy and love, however occasionally lines leap out the audience, the lines that mean the most, the lines that relate to the audience leap out. Beauty In Fear has a lot of expectation in the New year.

Headliners of the night Sherry Counselors put on a show as they always do. They walked on with their track Egyptian Way playing, a rock anthem track to signify Sherry Counselors are on stage.  Arrogance and innocence was the feelings gathered on stage. Aveline my keen favorite, the first single from Sherry Counselors  has a bouncing indie feel that was carried on all the way though the gig. Bouncing fans of all ages were wild for Sherry Counselors. A switch of intriguing genres kept the audience attention up constantly. Majority of the tracks played were from their self-titled album, the album which has dance, ska, indie, rock and ballad tunes. New to the Sugarmill was the track Elixir it had a soft dance beat, an EP is to be release again in the New year, from the reaction of the crowd that night, the EP is going to be well listened to.1381621_711277582234112_558058052_n