The Ruby Dukes headline Sugarmill for Xmas Spectacular

Youngest band of the gig, The Personas kicked the night off with an indie bang. They got into the Christmas spirit with a Santa hat on the bass; it would have been quality if they’d covered a Christmas classic. The set was full of positively, cleverly crafted tunes. Throughout the gig Iwan and Will stood out with the brilliantly catchy riffs. Memories of the Night, has a Miles Kane twist to it; it started the fire of the night.

A band who, in a personally opinion are high on the successful ladder is, The Kings Thieves. Opening with, Pretty Lady straightaway built up the structure of the, now, blazing fire that The Personas started. They describe themselves as, ‘indie pop loveliness’. The Kings Thief’s added a spark to this thriving fire that gave them a rock element, the grittiness in some track came from vocalist and drummer. Changing the sound every track, keeps the fire high and alive. Escape the recent single always gets the best reactions, the best reaction was this time, they threw in Santa Claus is Coming To Town, The Kings Thief’s kindly give their music away for free, check it all out;

Lads in black, Jen centre stage, the appearance of the band got the fire burning wild, even before a note was played. With Pickering White being a female fronted band, the performance is a lot more intimate and sassy, especially when kicking the gig off covering, 1972 chart topper, Superstitious. This gig showed off the hard work Pickering White have being putting in over the last couple of months. New music has a slight rock, folky feel, a style which tapped your foot and swayed your hips. White Rabbit was a thriving flame to the fire; the marching beat and beautiful vocals make this a strong track to stay in the set list. Irons in the fire were the tracks from the EP, Bullet to the Sun; the catchiness everyone knows, people were singing back and dancing to the groove. Pickering White’s heat from the fire stayed strong after concluding the set with good old favourite Bye Bye Baby.  Lady Blue Sky, with such intelligence and talent, has a professional video, check it out http: //

Headliners of the night, the band majority of the crowd were there to watch; The Ruby Dukes, as they enter with Angels with filthy souls from Home Alone, in the background; it put a Christmassy blanket of, orange and red to our reminding flames in the fire. Newest single Paper Sunset has been moved up in the set as they’ve been working on new tunes. New track like Sirens, it’s different from the normal indie sound, it takes on an atmospheric indie kick, changing the sound and personalities throughout the set keeps The Ruby Dukes fire alight; they gradually turn this fire into a roaring furnace. Some old favourite were thrown in the set such as Up the Dosage, Winning Smile and Never Thought I’d Know; the king of scrabble, Elliot Wilcox joined the lads on stage with an acoustic guitar. The contrast of Never Thought I’d Know starting acoustic then turning into a full band was a flame that rose higher than any other. As the heat from this fire gradually got hotter throughout, personally, this was the best Ruby Dukes gig I’ve attended, the echoes of music intoxicated the crowd, especially as Love is My Fame was mixed with All I Want for Christmas is You. The combination was smooth and The Ruby Dukes made it their own, better to be original than duplicating Mariah Carey. Talent is constantly on a high in The Ruby Dukes camp, cannot wait to see what happens in 2014. See if they can keep this fire intensifying.