Polkadodge Single & Exclusive Tracks Review 26/03/14

A bands causing fuss in the music industry in Sheffield and beyond the boundaries; Polkadodge. These really light a spark in my eyes.

From the subtle strums of guitar to the build-up of driving beats and impressive rhythms Polkadodge’s single, Laughing In Spanish, influences movement in your body that slowly becomes addictive and repetition throughout the well-structured track. These lads have walked down the right path for this single; catchy but not annoying.

A fresh new tune with a solid defined matured indie pop impact; The Other Way, it’s all going the right way for Polkadodge. It’s a change from Laughing in Spanish. There seems to be a softer tone to this track, still with the intelligence and catchiness. The catchiness is where these four lads are at their highest ability. A crazy foot tapping tune with addictive guitar riffs to end.

Next single screams summer anthem. Closer has strong vocals and lyrics, especially with the added backing vocals, they add an element which will become popular at live performances particularly festivals. Closer will be there most powerful single when released.

One of the most energetic, intellectual, talented bands I’ve heard in a while. Genuinely these have big ideas as well as a big sound. Keep your eye on these.