Malthouse – Track Review – Come Home

Rocking and swinging back to the 1950s/60s, I’d be lying if this song didn’t create the image of Malthouse playing in a smoky filled shabby blues bar in Detroit. The loving atmosphere is produced simply by the songwriter. The lyrics have this magic touch to produce a story in your imagination, a story that’s personal to you. Possibly Staffordshire’s hidden outstanding songwriter is in Malthouse. The tension within the whine of guitar and the dark strong harmonies make more emotions arise. I personally can effortlessly imagine Come Home being an artful powerful performance. When you come to the pinnacle of this track, the powerful dynamics from the cymbals and soft riffs create this addictive foot tapping that escalates the attention of how amazingly talented four lads from Bucknall can be.

The enthusiasm of Malthouse, to be original, is something I admire.