Tahiti Rocks Live 27/06/14

Hey Jude Music Promotions and Venombase Studios put on their first gig together at Tahiti Rocks in Hanley. The atmosphere was something innovative and distinctive; together they have a great new live music venue.
New band on the local music scene is The Devil Blues. They have undeniably got the blues concealed into their music but they are a band that can dip their musical toes into other aspects of music genres too. Only a few months being together, they have a single These Towns; it’s got a straightforward grungy heavy beat with Adam’s distinct gritty vocal. Some tunes were clear crisp indie influenced with classic eerie riffs and catchiness. The Devil Blues during the end of the set, it became apparent they are clever musicians who can control delay and reverb in a way that doesn’t sound like confused noise; simply a band that have a range of influences with catchy uncomplicated tunes.
The Jackobins from Liverpool blew Tahiti’s crowd away. The sheer passion and unreal talent from all five lads was amazing. Performance from everyone was solid, the Jimi Hendrix infused guitar and shimmering keys added this alternative psych vibe. The confident catchiness I love. Their single The Otherside has repetitive lyrics, ‘and over, and over and over…’ and fantastic vocals from Dom, it’s definitely written as a crowd pleaser. A strong musically force is about to erupt from The Jackobins so watch out.
Despite sound complications, Callaghan for the second week running at Radicals Rising has proven that rock and roll is not dead. There is a definite Led Zep/Rolling Stones influence but with a modern bluesy rock twist. Apart from the electric energy, Callaghan has a creativity flair which makes each individual tune develop into an individual grooving sound. The build-up of the rock and roll layers throughout the set creates a hefty dash of melodic sparkles.
The first ones to jump into the VIP jacuzzi and that’s headliners – Modern Minds. Having caught these lads a few times, each time they mature and develop more into establishing their potential sound. A band that can keep things fresh, change things about and still keep it original is a band with an immense capability to relocate positively upwards in the music industry. They have the sound that makes you turn your head and take notice, especially the newly written tune, Stop the World. It’s not explicitly synth led or guitar driven there is a talented balance. Luke’s idiosyncratic vocal and metaphorical lyrics has the power to paint story however little or however big in imaginations. They are currently in a competition to win a £100,000 record deal, text Negart 27 to 64343. More information is on their Facebook page.
Next Tahiti Rocks gig, 4th July, Strawhouse, Creek and Signal the Shore.