The Eyres – Kaizen – Album Review 12/08/14

Kaizen is the new release from alternative 4-piece ‘The Eyres’. Having been together for little over a year now they’ve done well to find themselves stylistically in such a short space of time – almost in between genres: fulfilling the alternative branding which they’ve attached themselves too with heavier drum fills and riffs, whilst exploring other avenues too: almost echoing the Courteeners a little.

The mini album opens to Bleed the track, which instantly hits you with a really clean, simple riff which acts as the centre-piece for the track, it’s a riff that will get imbedded into your skull and will not leave for good day or two, the track is heavy in its construction, and vocalist Oli compliments this with his enthusiastic vocal style.

Bleed sets the tone for the entire mini-release, the energy flows from there on, and shows no sign of stopping, Home is the second track and is more rhythmic, the riff is less clean and therefore less obvious, and the chords sit under the heavy percussion – demonstrating a different ability and facet to the 4 piece. All in all it’s a nice filler track, if unspectacular, it show versatility.

The third track Beasts again is a great track, and is completely different to the rest of the album’s inclusions, the song is almost completely lead by Oli’s vocals, and it works well, military-style beats hype and lift the track giving it a certain epic feel, think My chemical romances The Black Parade. I love this track, I think it represents a risk taken in its inclusion because of its different approach and I applaud it.

Catalyst is the fourth track, and shows off their ‘indie’ side an aforementioned, rhythmical instrumental parts and a big vocal chorusing from the band sets the track alight: it’s a true energetic foot-tapper, a sing-along track created to be a crowd-favourite.

The fifth track on the release is Lights which isn’t up to the standard set by the rest of the album, a great chorus, is let down by being less adventurous then the other tracks, it just doesn’t wow me.

The release closes with Highwire, and it is a very good end to the album, it feels like the album is winding down, no percussion, it has a soft electro-acoustic appeal, its peaceful, thought-provoking, and emotional, and befitting end to what is a quality release from the Crewe outfit.

A great mini album, well mixed down, filled with effort, enthusiasm and a whole lot of talent.

Nathe Owen