Glass Ankle single – Poor Boy

Glass Ankle, a band which put dreamy in pop and experiments with the music in no other way.

Single Poor Boy was released on 12th August. The wonderfully textured track made up of flawless harmonies and oozing riffs has high expectation of being a treasure of a track to see live.

Not only is their Poor Boy the single, there is a remix by London based electronic producer Legomec. If that didn’t tickle your ear buds have a read of this: Glass Ankle has an arcade game to follow up the single.

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To bring the delights of Poor Boy to fruition it was mastered by David Tolan (Johnny Marr and The Charlatans).

The delicate and handmade, personal touch to the single shows the high experimental levels which Glass Ankle portrays.

Downloading and purchasing Poor Boy through the previous link all proceeds will all go to Action for ME charity.

To celebrate the release of “Poor Boy”, a launch party is being held at The Young Pretender, Congleton on the22nd August.


E.P is soon being released later in the year as well as a tour of the UK.1 is the place to find all information about updates regarding tour and release details.


Lucee Clarke